The Old Hotel
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Posted 2012-08-29 22:25:55

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I noticed the sign that said "AUCTION" on the front of the old Holiday Inn, later the Urban Merchant Center (and later empty rotting building) on Chapel Hill Street just a day or two before the event. They were auctioning off everything inside, as the building was set to be demolished. Seeing a chance to get a look inside the place, I went to the auction. What I didn't expect to see was rooms full of trash, some just piled on the floor, smelling strongly of mold. A few of the rooms were set up with shelves full of trinkets, appliances, and books, or racks of clothes -- this was once used as a thrift store of some kind. Others showed evidence of people having lived there for a while. The whole place was falling apart -- crumbling stairs, peeling paneling, water dripping and pooling, trumpet vines growing in windows. A part of Durham history, though after seeing its sad, crumbling, razor-wired facade every day for so long, I can't say I'm sad to see it go.

4.28 mm f/2.4 1/20 sec ISO80

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